ComixCulture Review: Comics on the Green, Scranton, PA

On a recent visit to Scranton – I have family there – I stopped in, once again, to see Dave and his store, Comics on the Green. Nestled on the sunny side of North Washington Street, Comics on the Green is a good old-fashioned comic book store – if comic books stores can be called “old-fashioned.”

Aside from an excellent array of new books (the major names and independents, the mark of a smart dealer) including recent back issues that one might have missed (like EVERY PRINTING of the Obama Spiderman), there is an extensive area for trades, hard covers, and anthologies (I am an EC fan and there was an entire shelf devoted) and a room devoted to action figures, models, and other memorabilia. All being guarded by a breath-taking statue of The Silver Surfer. But for me, the thing that makes Dave’s place all things to all collectors is his terrific back-issue area. Most stores have a section of issues going back maybe a decade with the usual fare in the bargain bins, but not Dave.

Comics on the Green has an extensive amount of Silver and Bronze Age books in great condition for prices that shook my poker-face. To see 12 and 15 cent comics in collectible condition for prices that are highly accessible without having to go to a convention and hope for the best was truly a delight.  My nephew, displaying curiosity for war comics, is now in possession of Sgt Fury Annual #1. There it was, right there, fine condition, affordable!

Dave himself is a gentleman. My first trip, he checked his entire stock for one lone Action Comics I needed and my second trip he went out of his way for just about every customer in the room, remembering names, engaging in relevant conversation, and just plain being a nice guy. Again, Comics Stores oft-times have the stereotypical “comic book guy” (yup, just like the one on The Simpsons) who can make you feel stupid for not knowing when Ditko left Spiderman and can make you feel embarrassed because maybe you go to other places now and again for your collecting. Not here. Once every six months or once every day, you are a valued customer and a fellow collector. I remember calling from my mother-in-law’s home to get directions (I am a stranger in a strange land) and he gave me excellent directions, his phone number, and an offer to “talk me thru” if I get lost.

Comics on the Green is right for any level of collector. Go for the new issues – easy to find; go for a trade or hard cover – all kinds for interesting and engrossing reading; or go to find that treasured book you haven’t seen since you were a kid; or maybe go just for a chat with the owner, but surely go.

Looks like even comics are “Green.”

Comics on the Green

307 N. Washington Ave.

Scranton, PA 18503


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