Former police officer premieres first film at the Soho International Film Fest.

Brooklyn born filmmaker and former police officer, Eliana Ujueta, premieres her first film at the Soho International Film Fest.

Beneath the Rock
1:00 p.m.,
Sunday, April 17, 2011
Quad Cinema
34 West 13th Street
New York City

The film trailer:

Excerpts from the promotional information on “Beneath The Rock”

Eliana Ujueta was raised in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and attended High School in Fort Greene. She became a police officer in the east village and retired right before 9-11.

“As an officer in the east village, I saw how the officers were dispersed within the parameters of the precinct. Most officers were assigned to the west side of the command vs. the east side. As a light skinned Latina I instantly thought this was some sort of internal institutional discrimination. When the east village was mostly Hispanic populated, I realized that the lack of police presence was mostly due to the communities’ lack of involvement.  The police department acts on complaints. So if no one expresses a complaint to the police precinct they in turn will not act.I used a real incident from when I was a police officer at the 9th Precinct as the foundation of “Beneath the Rock.” A man named Santiago controlled drug sales from where he lived on E7th Street between Avenue B and C. Most of the people that lived on the block either worked for him or were silenced by him. In “Beneath the Rock,” I substituted drugs for gambling. Also, in my movie I used a myth circulated on my block in Bushwick about a girl named Cherry who died in the police alley/lot. Now I believe it was started by parents on the block to prevent us from playing in that police area.”

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