You’ll like “Virgins Like Drake Too”


Reviewed by Christopher Sirota

Virgins Like Drake Too: Bubbly and Fun Dating…angst

Actors Uzunma Udeh and Rebecca Clark had great chemistry on stage which was definitely enjoyed by the audience in Virgins Like Drake Too, also produced & written by Ms. Udeh as part of the 2014 Midwinter Madness Festival at Roy Arias Studios: Stage II on 43rd St. Laughs and giggles are abundant throughout this story of the difficulties of young romance.

Light on plot, but full of energy, the characters entertained the audience from beginning to end with their romantic thoughts, insights, frustrations, and embarrassing moments that, from the noticeable head nodding in the audience, obviously were universally shared to a certain degree.

I enjoyed the characters when they interacted with each other, and when they were commenting directly to the audience, a choice that does not always work in theatre. Overall it was enjoyable, but I would have liked a bit more tension between the characters so that we could have had a stronger “Aw, what great friends” moment.

Christopher Sirota writes for OuterStage and DramaQueens on a regular basis. He is also a cinematographer with one film receiving international distribution, another in post-production, and a third readying for pre-production.
Photo by Jon M. Smith/WrightGroupNY

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