Alien Adventure: In Space… They Can Hear You Laugh!

Alien Adventure: So Funtastic All Sci Fi Fans Should Beam Down to See this


Writer/Director Jon Freda must have had a blast revisiting classic sci-fi TV shows and movies when creating “Alien Adventure-The Adventure” a hilarious farce with some humorous musical interludes, now playing in the 2014 Midwinter Madness Festival at Roy Arias Studios: Stage II on 43rd St.

I’m actually having a difficult time remembering where the show began and ended because it made me laugh so much. The script is full of witty word play, and ALL the performers seemed to enjoy every moment…and so did the audience. Full disclosure, I am a sci-fi fan, especially of classic Star Trek which is loosely the framework from which the play works.

Casting is terrific. All the performers took on their roles with energy, I’m talking dilithium crystal-powered energy that never, and I mean never ended. And their comedic timing seemed effortless, particularly funny for me were Elsa Scott as Mentose, and Philip E. Ramsey as Hazy.

I would note that some musical numbers worked better than others simply because, unfortunately, the words were not clear or the music was a bit too loud. But, overall, with its zany staging, the atmosphere on this planet will definitely support laughs. Energize!

Christopher Sirota writes for OuterStage and DramaQueens on a regular basis. He is also a cinematographer with one film receiving international distribution, another in post-production, and a third readying for pre-production.
Photo by A.G. Liebowitz/WrightGroupNY

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