Dirty Words: Aschlin Ditta’s film becomes Leonard Zelig’s compelling play.

Heard in the Lobby of Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Producer/director Leonard Zelig always felt that the erotically charged film, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, would make a compelling stage play, and he was right. He has adapted the complex humor and sexuality of Aschlin Ditta’s multi-layered film into a new stage play opening this weekend at Teatro SEA.

Screenwriter Aschlin Ditta flew in from London for the production.


Freelance review Jerry Black had this to say about the play:

“The show captivated me with its method or portraying the different types of relationships that exist in this world. Everything from the long lost lovers who never crossed paths for decades to the unsatisfied peeping husband who can’t help himself around a beautiful younger woman is represented in this play. I especially enjoyed the dynamics between the married couple on their way to becoming a divorced couple and how they reacted to one another on this new level.

It was fascinating to watch the couples and people interact with each other with such realism, it almost felt as though I was sitting on a bench watching the action; as though all of the play could have happened simultaneously during one afternoon at a park. Overall the feel of the play is snappy and the scenes have an edge of realism to them that makes you stop and think about your own relationships and how they contrast with others relationships.

IRIS: Joan D. Saunders
EDDIE: Bill McAndrews
JAMIE: Greg McGoon
MOLLY / DAISY: Amy Scanlon
SOPHIE / ESTHER: Natalie Frost
ANNA / SARA: Olivia Gjurich
NOEL / BILLY: Jason Linforth
LUDO / LOUIS: Joe Dimuzio
PETE / BRIAN: Eddie Dunn
JULIA: Beatriz Castillo

Produced by
Loló Bello & Leonard Zelig

Iván R. Cedeño & Inés Sabalza, Carlos Eloy Castro, Laura Armas, and Welquis Lopez

Graphic Design: Gabriella Bello
Costume Design: Loló Bello
Production Design: Water People Theater
Lightning Design: Lauren Parrish & Leonard Zelig
Music: Salomon Lerner

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