A Romantic Night

A TheatreGoer’s Diary by Mary Ann Randazzo

The question is “Can true love conquer all?” The answer is “Muse.”


This Victorian love story had all the trials and tribulations that any couple can endure in any era. A struggling painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, played brilliantly by Greg Pragel, falling in love with his red headed model, Elizabeth Siddal, played exquisitely by Kris Lundberg, were two young lovers destined for each other. Once the lovely Elizabeth found the pen and sketchpad, she discovered a talent she did not know she had. As with human nature, jealousy engulfed poor Dante and with Elizabeth’s newfound fame and a brief separation, Dante wrapped himself in the arms of other women. Not to give much more away, you must see this lovely play written by one of the actors, Kris Lundberg integrating love, jealousy, and loss in this dramatic piece of work.


Jay Michaels the director of this historic performance takes us back in time envisioning what it was like in the 1880’s with petticoats and ancient paraphernalia. His direction of the actors was superb as they truly demonstrated relationships could endure great hardships overcoming it with true love. I sat in the audience feeling emotional in this sad, yet loving dramatic play all the while enjoying every single minute of it!