Elliot Wygoda: “I want the freedom to explore interesting characters and make great art.”

Another amazing artist out of The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Elliot Wygoda walks the line (there’s that pun again) between stage and screen. He is very excited to portray Fleming in Israel Horowitz play “Line” and cannot wait for everyone to see this wonderful cast show what they have worked so hard for. He is part of the new, young, bold, exciting cast of the 50th Anniversary production of LINE opening October 17 at the 13th Street Repertory Theater. 

11951302_10153577909714935_5044526895248102612_nWe hear a lot about inspiration – or Muse – that drives an artist. What inspires you?
What inspires me is to take on roles that scare me.  I know that a role that challenges me can only make me a better actor and person.

What is your vision and process for the play/part
My process is taking bits and pieces of techniques I have learned on my journey as an actor to create a memorable and true character.

What do you want most in your chosen profession? It’s OK to say “fame” or “wealth.”
I want the freedom to explore interesting characters and make great art.

Sally Field and Paul Newman both said of their profession… “it’s all I can do.” Is this all you can do?
Yes.  I know that this is my profession because there is a voice in me that tells me I have to do this.  There is no other choice.

Along those lines, if you couldn’t so this, what would you do?
It’s hard to tell.  I am so engaged in my craft that I don’t look or think about a plan b.

How do you want [legit] history to remember you?
I want history to see me as a daring actor who gave everything he had into every production he was in.

Last words?
I truly believe this will be a great production.  The cast is wonderful and our director has been wonderful as well.  I cannot wait for it to open.



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