WATCHTOWER is one to watch.


Review by Sharon Shahar

Steven Silver pulls no punches when it comes to the brutality and viciousness of the Irish mafia’s stronghold in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen.  His latest film, THE WATCHTOWER, which was adapted from his play of the same name that debuted at American Theater of Actors, recently premiered at The Magno Screening Room in Manhattan to a packed and, no doubt, appreciative audience.

Yes, Mr. Silver is the one to watch out for.  His latest endeavor, The Silver Screen Project, is a collaborative effort to preserve independent, minimally exposed plays by recreating them on film for all posterity to enjoy.  THE WATCHTOWER has achieved this brilliantly.

Mr. Silver’s direction, along with masterfully executed cinematography, sound and acting has created a professional motion picture that one would expect to see in any movie theater nationwide.

It captures graphically the very essence of life in the Irish mafia and what it means to be clasped in its deadly grip for one member who defies the odds by attempting to get out.

The characters are gritty and real, the interior scene settings evocative of gangster life and the outdoor shots put you right in the center of the greatest city on earth.

It is a story told many times over, but Mr. Silver’s telling is one worth watching again and again.



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