Strong and Silent

Comfort In Silence

Reviewed by C.B. Murray

Comfort In Silence written by Timothy Patrick Walsh and Directed by Albert Baker, is a complex story of personal awakening through self loathing.

The play revolves around Patty’s struggle to forgive himself for being a helpless victim of Child Abuse. I don’t wish give away the plot by dropping too many spoilers so lets suffice to say that if this is not a true story it most certainly feels real.

All of the characters seem to be suffering from their own mild psychosis except for the one who has overcome his own physical handicap. It takes the strength of a deaf character to help the others find the ability to love themselves enough to allow love into their lives.

What was most touching about this performance was the audience of which over fifty percent were hearing impaired.

The Cast, including the interpreters, have great chemistry. However the play would greatly benefit from some editing with a running time of over 2.5 hours.


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