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shes-noanyShe’s not the Bride of Frankenstein Anymore by Elaine Alexander, directed by Amy Bennett; starring Anna Rand, Cesar Cova, Pierre Hawley, M.L. Josepher. A newly “single and loving it” Bride Of Frankenstein goes speed dating but soon discovers that the bar scene is a nightmare.

Let’s hear it from the author…


I find comedy in the everyday collisions between people’s desires and the limits of reality. I tend to write what I see around me as a woman who lives in the suburbs. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction in the suburbs behind the Pottery Barn perfect exteriors.

that I like to exploit for comedic purposes. So I live amongst these dissatisfied suburban types and take my secret notes. I am kind of like a spy.

I wrote She’s Not Frankenstein’s Bride anymore because I thought it would be fun to spend some time with the Bride and see her as a single 21st century woman. I would like to explore this one act play as a film. How much fun would it be to see The Bride of Frankenstein dealing with the craziness of today’s dating scene. I’d like to see this play that takes place at a speed date bar expanded to show her as a 21st century woman with a bad hairdo dealing with all the nonsense that women these days have to contend with. I think it would be a fun, family friendly romantic comedy.

What do I want most in your chosen profession? I would like for people to say “It’s Elaine Alexander play” as a way of recommendation for a fun, laugh-filled experience at the theatre. And because so many of my plays classify as parody, I would like for them to see the truths that I am trying to expose through humor. It may mean the madness of trying to be the first mom in carpool at pre-school or the perhaps see a few unpleasant truths exposed in a humorous way.

If you couldn’t do this, what would you do? Work as an organic vegetable farmer in the middle of some pastoral paradise. But then again, I’d probably still write. I’m sure I’d find some inherent comedy in misbehaving bees or hummingbirds having anxiety attacks.

Any last words? Be thankful for the rude people. They give you the best dialogue. And oh yeah, it is possible to write in the fall without yoga pants, pumpkin latte and a cat, but why would you want to?

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