FAIR GAME: Patrick Hickey Jr.

At GeekFest in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, just over six weeks ago, a tall imposing professor of literature with a young man’s presence stands in front of a computer screen as scores of avid fans sit in rapt attention.

“You think you know about video games … think again” the booming man-kid voice exclaims. What continued was a lecture of the fine art of the video game… from a scholarly viewpoint. From the history and evolution – which bore a striking resemblance to the evolution of the American comic book – to the intricacies of each game, its developers, and even producing organizations.

We bore witness to the inauguration of a new historian for the newest American art form. Patrick Hickey Jr. and his book For the Love of Games: Cult and Classic GameDevs Discuss Projects That Influenced And Entertained Millions” [working title].

The eloquent professor Hickey, with equal parts intelligence and research and equal parts genuine affection gave us a unique and – to this point – almost never-before seen look into the most iconic video game developers of every console generation. His book can easily bring generations together with familiar names like Atari to the widespread PlayStation 4. This book, which also features a forward by Video Game historian, Brett Weiss, is probably the first of its kind to delve so deeply into the foundations of the industry.

Iconic names such as Howard Scott Warshaw, David Crane, Michael Brook and Eric Holmes pervade the book along with ALL video games. This is a strong distinction as many books of this genre deal in the famous or the more commercial at least. Hickey, an obvious aficionado, hands you a full journey, allowing to learn about the past and maybe take the time to find some of the unknown games that existed.

Patrick Hickey Jr. has turned his hobby into a career and a journey. Over the past decade plus, this award-winning editor and writer has interviewed some of the biggest names in video games from Pitfall creator David Crane to the infamous Howard Scott Warshaw and Japanese sensation Yo-Kai Watch, Akihiro Hino. He’s also had his video game reviews featured in national ad campaigns from Electronic Arts, Disney and Nintendo. Scheduled for publication from McFarland Press in 2018, his love letter to retro and modern gaming has begun his book tour.

His next stop is an appearance at BoroughCon 2017.

St. John’s University will host BoroughCon, a new pop culture convention, over Memorial Day Weekend 2017, May 26-May 29. The event, which is expected to draw up to 20,000 attendees, will appeal to enthusiasts of heroic stories in film, television, gaming and graphic formats, as well as to those who enjoy anime and manga.

BoroughCon programming will include panels and autograph sessions with celebrities, gaming tournaments, screenings of both classic and as-yet unreleased films and TV shows, a vendors’ room and an artists’ alley. Professor hickey is slated for Friday, May 26 from 2:30 to 3;30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at https://boroughcon.com/

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