“Donald Trump” appears at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

Randy Cordero is doing it ALL.

He is the writer, producer, and star of The Donald Trump Chronicles, Among Other Things: This series of comedy sketches serves as a chronology of the surreal adventures of our country during the ridiculousness of our current POTUS.

Anybody remember The Twilight Zone. Randy has brought us there … with laughs.

June 15 @ 9:00 PM; June 17 @ 3:15 PM; June 24 @ 7:30 PM; June 28 @ 9:30 PM; July 1 @ 12:00 PM; July 2 @ 9:30 PM, LATEA Theater


IMG_5759Randy, I gotta tell you… I can’t look at you in that wig but here goes…

What inspires you as an artist?

It depends on what’s happening, really; either with whatever situation I’m in regarding my generally endearing and chaotic relationship with opposite sex, or if something horrible happens on a geopolitical or domestic level, which can usually be tied to government policy in the whatever aftermath discussion happens. It’s a little easier to keep track nowadays since everybody’s paying much more attention, which is great. People definitely give more of a shit about what our government is doing than when I first started paying attention. Newtown. That was very sad to say the least, but it definitely caused a shift in my attention towards the subject matter and changed my writing. Nowadays the writings either blatantly autobiographical with some added elements for dramatic or comedic purposes, which I usually don’t have to try to add much of, or just insanely political. This is my first shot at sketch comedy though. It’s a lot of fun. It’s certainly easier. In this particular case though, election day was pretty rough. It was pretty hard to think about, let alone write anything else or pay attention to that thing I was getting off book for, so this one pretty much wrote itself. There’s something very powerful about finding solace through comedy.

Why independent theater?

It’s a great place to start. I’d been writing short films and a play here and there on and off for a while but this was actually my first time submitting anything I’ve written to a play festival, let alone getting in which is pretty damn flattering. I’m not gonna lie. Plus I was pretty drunk at the aftermath of a first reading for a series of short plays I was in with Janelle and Jazmyn and ended up tagging along with them and wandering into a networking event with Planet. Some very nice lady who I was seeing two of at that point told me something about deadlines for a play festival they were having. I looked into it. Election day happened and instead trashing my apartment or desecrating Trump Tower in sickening and unimaginable ways and getting arrested, I wrote about it. Sent it in. So it was really right place, right time, right concoction of cocktails which ended me up in independent theater if I’m honest…and Jazmyn and Janelle. Thanks Jazmyn and Janelle.



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