Made Glorious Summer by Fine Performances


Reviewed by Hector Canales

Richard III is one of Shakespeare’s more amazing works. One easily gets lost in Richards’ clever interactions and all the more timely observations. The pain and diversity of emotions the actors poured out on to the stage allowed the audience actual empathy. The play, uncut, as William Shakespeare intended it to be (?), is lead by an amazing cast. Thomas Leverton was treacherous (but lively) Richard; Leah Bloom as The Duke of York and Margaret, daughter of Clarence; Sandra M. Bloom as The Duchess of York; Justin Clark as Richmond, Mayor, First Murderer, and Bishop of Ely; Eli Cox as Catesby, Second murderer, Gentleman, and Messenger; Jane Culley as Dramaturge and Queen Elizabeth; Marie Bridget Dundon as Margaret, Widow of Henry VI; Yasemin Eti as Lady Anne; William Greville as King Edward IV, Cardinal, Imposter Clergyman; Alex Jaloza as Buckingham; Martin Maldonado as Vaughman, Lovel, Norfolk, Third Citizen, Messenger and Page; Lucy Mckown as Second Citizen, Pursuivant, Imposter, Clergyman, Messenger, Earl of Surrey, and Christopher Urswick; Uriel Menson as Rivers; Adam Pine as Duke of Clarence and Ratcliffe; David Remple as Lord Stanley, Brackenbury and First Citizen; Stephen F. Smith as Hastings and Blunt; Richard Stelnik as Archbishop, Sir John, and Scrivener; Stephen Wagner as Lord Gret, Lord Dorset and The Sheriff; and Jack Wink as Prince Edward and tyrell to round out a terrific ensemble cast.

This whole cast succeeded on many levels in bringing Shakespeare’s remarkable work to life. All the actors have put their great talents together to make the audience feel as if they are part of the townspeople watching Richard’s victims say their last words, or as Richmond rallies his troops to take down Richard’s tyranny. As I sat in the crowd I was at awe as the play played out as an epic film minus the screen. James Jennings, founder and artistic director of The American Theatre of Actors for the all of its 41 years directed. Lucy Mckown gave an excellent performance and then traveled backstage as its stage manager… well done.

A truly powerful presentation by a formidable institute.

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