A moment with Kevin and Bear

Bear Kosik hands us panic and desire … in emotion and location while Kevin Clancy shows us the panic that can come from desire.  

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: WED 8/02, 6:00PM; FRI 8/04, 8:15PM; SUN 8/06, 3:30PMAT

Nevil has learned to handle his psychological trauma or at least recognize when it has been triggered. He has come to rely on his sisters Esperanza and Caridad. More than anyone imagined. It takes a new psychiatrist to delve into the darkest part of Nevil’s mind to see just what kind of coping mechanisms he has forged.

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: MON 7/17, 6:00PM; THURS 7/20, 7:15PM; SAT 7/22, 4:45PM

Veteran playwright Kevin Clancy presents this controversial new work about a  transgender woman’s first attempt at intimacy in her current relationship. The play serves to set the stage for a dark discussion about identity and need. Mr. Clancy is an oft-awarded and nominated playwright  This is his second appearance at MITF with appearances at the Fringe Festival in-between.



Both men have taken on edgy topics… brilliantly. It takes a special person to put words to such matters as what lives in us. Let’s see what makes them tick.


18424210_1291293744318346_1743653089820813873_nSo Bear, what inspires you as an artist?

The English language. We have such a huge storehouse of words to play with and a grammar that bends to the touch. I want to use those words to describe the lives and conditions of fascinating individuals. I want to use that grammar to arouse people to pay attention instead of allowing communication to be background noise. And putting words together is one of the most satisfying experiences I can have.

And what draws you to independent theater?

Do I have a choice? My work requires work on the part of the audience. In the right hands, it is entertaining, but it always is challenging.

IMG_0129Now, Mr. Clancy, your turn…
talk to me… 

What inspires me as an artist? Complex emotions and complicated decisions. I write plays with two points of view and many Shades Of Gray (my favorite Monkees song). One of my favorite moments as a playwright was listening to a couple (whom I didn’t know) have an argument in the street outside of the theater after seeing my play “Adults Only”. Both felt my play supported their viewpoint. I love getting feedback from my audiences. And why independent theater? Freedom to tackle ANY subject matter. Low budget with nearly bare stages, the experience becomes palpable and concentrated. Raw is better than well done sometimes. Plus it’s far more affordable. I can see five off off Broadway plays for the price of one Broadway show. I never leave an independent theater feeling cheated.


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