Don’t Just get Mad… get Mad Mel. Brought to you by MITF and GARY MORGENSTEIN


The producer is the guy who promoted SHARKNADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Producer/Book writer, GARY MORGENSTEIN, wrote the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway musical, The Anthem, as well as being a celebrated novelist with his fifth novel (also in a science fiction motif), A Mound Over Hell, about baseball’s final season in 2098 in the aftermath of America’s defeat in World War Three. But like I said… Gary, a longtime publicity exec at Syfy Channel, was the mad PR genius behind the global pop culture sensation Sharknado!

I gotta see his musical, MAD MAX SAVES THE WORLD! We all gotta see it!


We chatted with Erich Rausch, Director and Songwriter about this -um- out-there musical. 

mad-mel-saves-the-world-festival-logoTHE ANCIENT ALIEN VISITORS have Returned TO EARTH!
and this time they’re SINGING!


PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: TUES 7/18, 6:30PM; SAT 7/22, 7:00PM; SUN 7/23, 3:00PM


The inhabitants of Planet Marradia have landed on earth and ask “take me to your leader” in Mad Mel Saves the World.

This Midtown International Theatre Festival featured event takes us on an intergalactic adventure complete with a musical score encompassing pop, rock, and rap with a company that vogues and club dances. Throw in a healthy dose of political satire and you are a wild ride.

Gary’s Composer, Lyricist, Director, Music Director is ERICH RAUSCH, who won the PaperMill Playhouse Rising Star Award for Music Direction of Once on This Island and had three of his films featured at 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Gary, tell me how your brain works… what inspires you as an artist?

The magic of connecting to someone, the audience, the reader. As a playwright and novelist, I talk to perfect strangers who I’ll probably never meet. How cool is that? Hopefully, I move them in some way, good or bad, that’s up to them, which is their right earned by spending time with my imagination. And just maybe I’ve made someone laugh or cry or, amazingly, think. That’s a very special relationship.

Nice thought. Few look at the audience in such a manner. How about the industry. You’ve traveled through the commercial world , how about independent theater?

You can just do more without the chains of commercialism sometimes. Now I’d be very happy if our musical Mad Mel Saves the World moved to Broadway. I ain’t a dummy. But indie theater gives artists an incubator to develop their art. It’d be nice to say everything comes out brilliant the first time, but you’d know I’m lying. Like, a lot. Writing a play and creating a show requires endless work and collaboration among professionals who respect each other and perhaps even like one another.

Gary’s my hero! (he’s the one far right!) 

Gary Morgenstein Photo


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