A Re4lly Gre4t Work of The4tre

D4rkly Your Retrorockets Fl4re

Review by Alexa Elmy

d4rkly-your-retrorockets-fl4reIt is often difficult to portray the entire galaxy onstage. However, D4rkly Your Retrorockets Fl4re, presented by The Constellation Project, does just that! This futuristic play is a must see show at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. Upon entering the theatre, the audience is transported through time and space. Dancers in cosmic leotards creating the movement of time and the galaxy, enchant the audience and set the scene.

Although the plot takes place in the future, the story relates to anyone who has ever felt lost or unsure of where they are in life, and where they are going. The main character is a writer who feels she needs more life experiences in order to write another novel. She is sent through time to free herself from her writer’s block. Along the way she faces many dangers and meets a plethora of delightful characters such as the Librarian that presides over the Librarium.

Each metallic costume is more detailed and beautiful then the next. If the costume design doesn’t captivate you first, the live musicians will steal your heart. In addition to the musicians, the actors double as singers to create lovely soundscapes in the background. Go see D4rkly Your Retrorockets Fl4re before the show’s run ends!



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