African Legends at MITF

The Water Carriers – reviewed by Turan Koyuncu

Water-CarrierThe Water Carriers directed by Tom Marion and written by Michael Williams brought us African Physical Theatre is the form of storytelling, dance, and puppetry.

This play, formed by two old African stories – The Tree of Life and Mali legend of Sunjata, featured a diverse group of refugees who are leaving Africa illegally stowed away in a shipment container.


The refugees are “accompanied” by their ancestors who encourage the retelling of the legends. The refugees, stowed in a ship to who-knows-where, share their stories on why they are retreating from their home town. Some are to start a new life, while others shared their legends from the North of Africa and some legends originating from the South.

The ensemble cast in this play were impressive as all of them are young, emerging artists. The narration of the ancestors was unique as lines were synchronized. Also, the dancers were also synchronized and marvelous to watch. This play required an immense amount of teamwork and practice; laudable for actors so young.

The luminous lighting and sound effects were on-point with the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere the ensemble provided.

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