La Maupin at the Fresh Fruit Festival

iconsquareC7FC38E6-A56F-E13B-D00EFACF58AD1069Jessie Fields production of La Maupin is a beautifully constructed tale of Julie D Aubigny and her adventures in the early 17th century Europe. It’s a mixture of action, romance and opera all put together to convey a legendary tale. In this fast-paced musical adventure, we witness the situations Julie goes through, from running away to Europe for killing a man, to being a famous opera singer. In her journey, we see the relationships she acquires, consequently shaping her life. The message in the play is clear and it’s that we’re each given a life and it falls on us to determine our own fate.

Ariel de Ments portrayal of Julie d’ Aubigny is truly amazing and gives depth to the character, adding realism to her role. Ariel has an amazing voice that’s surely to give you chills. She was able to connect with her audience through emotions that pour out from her role as Julie. The supporting players were wonderful and helped build the storyline, blossoming into a truly beautiful ending. The costumes were mesmerizing. The long silky dresses worn by the actresses and the suits worn by the actors suited each scene. The props were plentiful and made each scene come alive. The sword fights seemed very realistic and were entertaining to watch. One thing I really adored was the narration after each and every scene, I think that it greatly influenced the flow of the storyline.

This production was hosted by the fresh Fruit Festival. The staff was very kind and welcoming. Overall, entertaining inside and out.

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