The Bliss is Ours


Review by Ashley Khan

Here’s the story of farm-girl Emma (played masterfully by Yarina Gurtner). Loves animals and runaway criminals with terminal diseases.

Here is where Claudia Schreiber’s stunning play gets even more stunning. When on imagines the ultimate test of love, euthanasia can secure itself on the topic of any list.

Gurtner bathes her delivery in a realistic sense of desire for this man and desire to make him happy – even in a way heart-breaking to herself.

Gurtner’s tour-de-force at conveying multiple personalities kept her audience riveted and deeply involved.

While shows of this style (solo), can seem self-indulgent at time, Yarina Gurtner tackling Claudia Schrieber’s tone was anything but. it was a story of love that should be committed to film.



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