Rev. Mary’s Blues Jam: Foto-Flash and Review by Doug DeVita

“Mary Elizabeth Micari possesses the kind of voice and electric presence that no room can safely contain. That she also knows exactly how to use both to maximum effect is just an added bonus, or blessing, if you will.”


“And in the gleefully insouciant persona of the Reverend Mary Whitebush, her show Granny’s Blue-Mers at The West End Cafe showcases that voice and persona perfectly. With a self-assured aplomb that is as funny as it is commanding, her renditions of bawdy depression era blues, mixed with her perfectly deadpan, equally bawdy patter, make for a winning evening of good, clean, dirty fun.”


“With help from the superb Dan Furman on piano and A.C. Weingarten on percussion, along with Mario Claudio’s smooth vocal backup, Micari – or Reverend Whitebush – makes a strong case for that good old time blow the roof off the joint, you’ll have a swell time kind of show biz religion, the kind of religion that excites, and unites, and is the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.”


The Blues Jam, now a monthly feature at the West End Lounge, gives opportunities to singers and musicians to jam with the Rev. and her merry band.

Rocker Jen Bush, cabaret cut-up Emmy Pai, and blues guitarman Alan Lighty came by to share some tunes.

IMG_2765But the soul-voiced George Dixon made the crowd swoon.

Dixon will return on march 18 for the next jam. Plenty of room at the mic for more musicians and singers so come on down.





blues march

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