Farewell to a Don of Playwrighting

In WAITING FOR THE DON, Steve Silver has given us a slice of life, Mafia style. In this Mafia family there are blood lines and there are bloody lines. Is there “honor among thieves?” Here there is a twisted code of honor – but what’s a murder (or two or three) when it’s all in the family?  The violence is not as graphic as in action films; the language is definitely x-rated.


In the deft hands of director Laurie Rae Waugh, the courageous and talented cast bring the characters to vivid life, providing an enjoyable time for the audience.  Ken Coughlin delightfully reprises the lead character, Mickey “Mirrors” Miraglia.  Norberto Cancel, Elena Crociani, Tom Kalnas, Daniel Mirra, Manny Rey, and Daddy Tom complete the colorful cast. Thanks also to Jessica Newman (stage manager) and James Jennings (artistic director, ATA) for this production.

watcWhen this reviewer first saw the one-act version of this play (MIRRORS) she wanted more, and asked Mr. Silver for a full-length play. She got what she wanted. Sadly, with the unexpected death of Mr. Silver last month, there cannot be more.  The theater world will miss his unique voice.

Stephanie Schwartz


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