For the Children

Half Me Half You 

Written by Liane Grant          

Review by Amanda Kavaja

The 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival 16th Season

The Wild Project – 195 East 3rd Street – July 11 @ 6 pm; July 12 @ 8 pm; July 14@ 2pm


Astonishing. Amazing. Spectacular. For a lesbian couple, their main priority was to have a child. Until the tables had turned… Liane Grant showed much indecisiveness throughout her character named Meredith. Usually, most women desire to have their own babies and raise a family. In this case, Meredith lied to herself by trying to deny the truth all along.  After forcing a miscarriage upon herself, it took more than enough time for her wife to find out that Meredith never wanted to have children in the first place. Jennifer Fouche wonderful use of her voice kept the audience intrigued. Soon, this couple fell apart once they shared their beliefs on what a marriage should or shouldn’t be composed of. Jess, Meredith’s wife, believed that it was best for her to end her relationship and raise a child, even if it meant her going through the process alone.

half me half you (1).jpg

Frustration was thoroughly demonstrated with foul language. In my eyes, this made the play more realistic. At some points, I wasn’t fond of the excessive huffing and puffing that Liane incorporated into her character. However, the repetition she followed, was how her character created the problems.  Meredith’s problem with raising a biracial child causes her to rise to dealing with an environment she had to assimilate into. This postmodern play gives a strong look at discrimination against African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Gays. etc.….

A time where Meredith was working under president’s firm had pissed her off, making her act against these cruel accusations. Jess didn’t care about what measures had to be taken to adopt a child, she knew deep inside that her biggest wish of all, was to spend a life with a daughter of her own. And so, Meredith and Jess agreed to living separate lives.

After years and years of not being in touch with each other, a day came where Jess passed away, due to cancer. It was now Meredith’s obligation to take care of Jess’s 15-year-old daughter, Maya. Kalea Williams depicted fierceness when meeting Meredith face to face. A straight-A student who can tell right from wrong, just automatically saw Meredith as a danger zone!  As Jess trusted Maya with her ex-wife, she then acted and revealed her side of the story. Meredith’s shoulder to lean on.

Deb, tried to make Maya feel at home and less abandoned. Evelyn Christina Tonn changed the mood from sorrowful to uplifting, which I really admired. Her drive in making this play more amusing was appreciated. Meanwhile, hatred, anger, and confusion had piled up because of society’s public ideals interfering with people’s private lives. Overall, I believe that the actresses could have improved on the setting a higher voice volume. I truly believe this is a situation that numerous people worldwide can relate to and it would be so great if this awareness can spread. Come see this incredible show!!!

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