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one-woman-show-meshelle“DIARY OF A MILF” ~ Review by
Amanda Kavaja

Performed/Written by: MESHELLE

Directed by Rain Pryor

Produced by
Joe’s Pub
@ The Public Theater




MESHELLE, best known as “The Indie-Mom of Comedy,” owned the stage at The Public Theater. As this one-of-a-kind comedienne regaled her adoring fans – of which there were legion that night – in her adventures with crackpot teachers to African-American cultural mores, she morph’d into hilarious impersonations of friends, family, and the aforementioned teachers. She gave us a glimpse of a busy day in “the life” of a wife & mom of three AND uproarious stand-up comic – after she sings the kids to sleep that is. Stating the obvious, MESHELLE stepped IN TO her comfort zone, and used a bevy of physical tricks, vocal olympics, and clever stage props to connect us to her story. And just when you thought she completed her tour-de-force, she’d surprise you again. She could really sing!

In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that loud before. Deftly, MESHELLE invited the audience into a perfectly created world tied together by her need to be who she is among the insanity that is considered normal. What was as prevalent as the laughter was the unanimous nodding of heads celebrating her astute views on reality.

The Public Theater’s cabaret, Joe’s Pub, was as welcoming as the show within. When someone as exuberant and gifted as MESHELLE stands before you and offers her brilliance, you simply don’t want it to end. The next best thing is simply waiting for her return, this fall, on Theatre Row, to the United Solo Festival. Be there … I will.

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