Top of the Line Piece


Mike Poblete

Planet Connections

The Clemente

Reviewer: Jade Fernandez

Surfacing, a play by Mike Poblete, deals with Marissa and her seriously messed up mental state. Not to mention her seriously messed up hip putting her in the kind of depressive state that warrant’s walking in front of a truck. After her attempt fails, Marissa is forced to deal with weekly therapy, her younger sister Chelsea, and boys of course. Marissa tries to get back out there and goes on a date with socially awkward Atticus, while her younger sister is dating the very rich and very conceded Jed. Marissa has decided she hates Jed. Well, you know what that means …

Brilliant portrayals by Juilliard almost-grad Suzannah Herschkowitz as Marissa; Singer, actor, and puppeteer Montana Lampert Hoover plays Chelsea, Marissa’s sister; musician, director and actor Joey Donnelly was Atticus; New York-based actor Jak Watson was Jed. Together they became the most dysfunctional group of people I’ve seen on stage. All were a great delight but I wouldn’t have minded if Jak Watson dialed it back a but. Playwright Mike Poblete produced with Robyne C. Martinez who also contributed sound design. Daniella Caggiano directs with Christina Gombola as stage manager.

Surfacing was hands-down brilliant. Poblete told a deep tome peppered with great wit. He understands the concept of dark comedy. Daniella Caggiano felt Poblete’s vibe and moved the play with great poise.

There’s even a  [relatively] happy ending.


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