Arthur Miller is turning in his grave … or rising from it.


The Inside Of His Severed Head
By Lenny Schwartz
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

Review by Alexa Garcia

Sometimes the stakes must be raised to know that you’re still alive. In this comedic musical, Willy Loman, an aging vampire hunter, realizes his life is empty and tries to fill it in the last 24 hours of his life. A musical about happiness, family, lies, love, and mental illness. And of course, killing some demonic vampires. Its Death Of A Salesman as a musical with a few added ghoulish twists.

Lenny Schwartz, writer and director of this musical, has created a wonderful production. There wasn’t one person in the audience who didn’t laugh. The lyrics to the songs written by Duncan Pflaster were also very humorous and told the story well. Not only was the plot, music, dance (by Chelsea Cook), and lyrics great, but the cast rose to this wry tale to give smashing performances. Included were Michael Thurber (Willy Loman), Victoria Paradis (Lin), Ryan McKenna (Biff Loman), Derek Laurendeau (Mopey), Sarah Reed (Woman), Lauren Pace (Charlene), Alexandra Cipolla (Bernard), Kevin Hernandez (Howard Van Helsing), Maureen R. Noel (Vampire 3), and Ryan Bedissee (Uncle Ben). these amazing actors were able to exaggerate their actions making the production more entertaining and allowing for the much-needed suspension of disbelief.

I absolutely loved the production and would definitely recommend it and even see it again. The musical (with the help of Hammer film style vamps) dealt with happiness, acceptance, love, lies and mental illness in a way that you wouldn’t expect. The production seemed to be giving the message of accepting who you are without having to lie. You must always live a joyous life – one in which you could be proud. This is a great message that added more depth to the musical. Maybe the monsters will allow it to be more digestible (and certainly less preachy) to all who view.

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