The F.A.C.T.S. on Jack

20180804_110544.jpgCelebrated author and producer, Jack Dyville, will be reviving his widely popular children’s story with a modern twist as a special dedication to F.A.C.T.’s co-founder/producer, David Gilliam Fuller.

F.A.C.T. (Friends Always Creating Theatre) celebrate their 10th anniversary season with a special showing of their 2013 highly acclaimed production of “Hansel & Gretel Christmas” written by Mr. Dyville.

In his version, the famed Brother & Sister team spend the holidays in 21st Century New York City!

Children of all ages will enjoy their adventures EVERY SUNDAY in NOVEMBER (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th) @ 1:00 pm; SUNDAYS in December (2nd, 9th, 16th) @ 1:00pm at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC, 17 West 45th Street, Elevators to 3rd Floor.

This special production is dedicated to Co-Founder/Producer David Gillam Fuller

Fuller, a multi-award-winning theater artist and producer, along with Dyville, had the dream of bringing quality entertainment to all ages at affordable prices. F.A.C.T. grew from their wish. Today, David Fuller, is referred to as a miracle man. Not just because he made his dream come true but, currently, he is fighting unbeatable odds to help continue that dream., Mr. Fuller is suffering from a crippling disease affecting him physically and mentally and making his time with F.A.C.T. rare.


We were able to grab Jack before he left town on another event.

Tell Us about yourself as an artist.

Often called a Jack-of-all-Theatrical-Trades, I began my career at the age of 13 at Casa Manana Summer Musicals in his hometown, Fort Worth Texas as an extra-ensemble or featured dancer. After graduation from Texas Wesleyan, I ventured to USIU in San Diego for a year of Grad school and got interested in choreography.  Coming to NYC in 1968, I soon was dancing on National tours of the original HELLO DOLLY and CABARET. I did Light & Lively on Broadway and then choreographed Movie Buff at the Actors’ Playhouse.

Sixty years later, after many years of acting in Summer Stock, regional and Dinner Theatre, I became a Producer.  And somewhere along the way, added Playwright and Lyricist to my resume with 3 musicals playing off Broadway, produced by my own company, F.A.C.T. (Friends Always Creating Theatre); THE MERMAIDS TALE, Eeek! A MOUSICAL and SGT. STUBBY, The Great American War Dog Musical in 2016-2017 @ St. Luke’s

A HANSEL AND GRETEL CHRISTMAS was 1st produced for 10 weekends in 2013 at Times Square Roy Arias Theatre. We’re thrilled to bring this newest update with bi-lingual language added to the step-mother, now seen as a Sophia Vegara Want-To-Be.

Dyville & Fuller

Tell us about F.A.C.T. 

We began in summer of 2009, the brainchild of Dyville & partner David Gillam Fuller. Our 1st production was a musical, Gutter Star, a presentation with the NY International Fringe Festival at Minetta Lane Theatre. Through the past ten years the men managed to keep the company despite Fuller going thru 3 brain surgeries of benign tumors; yet having several crippling infections along the way.

F.A.C.T. has done several AEA Showcase productions and is best known too for their Words & Wine Readings as well Instant Theatre- 24 Hour Festivals. With Dyvilles involvement in Youth Theater having run Youth Education on Stage each June/July for 34 years, he and Fuller began to add the Youth plays which have proved most successful.  They are thrilled to kick off their 10th Anniversary with this revival and while Mr. Fuller now resides at The Riverside Rehab and Nursing Center and will not be participating; the FACT company is dedicating this entire Season 10- Sept 2018-Aug 2019 to Mr. Fullee and will present a performance of Hansel & Gretel at the Home prior to opening Nov 4 at Manhattan REPERTORY Theatre.


Tell us about DAVID GILLAM FULLER and his contribution to F.A.C.T. 

Basically, tied that in above. His background comes from many years with Burn Brae Dinner Theatre in Maryland. He studied voice at Hartt College, hails from Maine and lived and worked 24 years in Los Angeles Theatre and TV. He guest starred on HAPPY DAYS. 

He and I wanted to provide small jobs for friends while they were between Biggers Gigs. Fuller came up with Company name.


So, Hansel & Gretel take Manhattan? Tell us about your concept for this show? 

THE COMEDY follows the original but is bright and lively. No Witch. NO Ovens and no dark theme although the step-mother is ‘Not-a-nice’ woman. But she is funny. For this production which takes place in Manhattan, I was given permission as author by Brooklyn Publishers to change what I needed of the published work stating, “after all you wrote the play”. So Priscilla the Stepmother is portrayed as a Sophia Vegara Want-to-be as mentioned earlier. It now takes place Today 2018 and is fun for families and children alike. Suggested age 4-90


Give us your take on Indie Theater. How has it changed over the years? 

I have only been involved in my company but see more and more groups coming forward and the biggest challenge to me are the lack of small experimental black Box or area style spaces. And the costs keep rising. I am a union performer, but we lack the funds for meeting all the requirements of any of the Unions.


What’s next? 

Hansel & Gretel then in Feb planning another of our Instant Theatre 24 hour Festivals.


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