Michael Broadhurst IS CAPTURED … starting tomorrow


Michael Broadhurst is one of a cast of three in Frank McGuinness’ timely drama, SOMEONE WHO’LL WATCH OVER ME, presented by one of the more sky-rocketing names in independent theatre, Animus Theatre Company. 

1644774.jpg“I don’t have a simple way to describe myself as an artist. I will say that being on stage, trying to have fun with my collaborators yields the most satisfying experience. 

My role in SWWOM is that of Michael Watters, a Professor of English who is kidnapped while teaching abroad. He serves as an unexpected source of strength and guidance for his cellmates, whom are all attempting to keep their sanity under insane circumstances.
I believe that independent theatre is the lifeblood of NYC. Whether it succeeds or fails, every single show, (or cabaret, or one person version of Cat’s) helps sustain the artists that seek to live and work here. It is like a brainstorm for theatre artists. A space where there are no bad ideas. And that is needed in order to generate something great.” 

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