Truth or Bare

51180721_2266554560042738_2508937572961484800_n.jpgTHE BARE TRUTH

Review by Bryce Glasper

A retired Floridian couple, dealing with their privacy being breached by their invading children, who are unjustly consumed with worry over their aged parents being “left alone,” devise a plan with their of-equal-age friends to discourage future invasions – by announcing their plans to become nudists. The generation gap comedy goes into full swing at that point. The title’s sub-meanings also go into full swing as secrets and woes are revealed in the lives of all the young family. It here we see who the adults really are.

Notable performances by Mike Durell, Johnny Blaze Leavitt, and Autumn Mirassou, not to mention commanding work by Ken Coughlin and Francesca Devito. Honorable mention goes to Rooki Tiwari.

The Bare Truth is great for teens and adults alike thanks to the subplots – as on one actually gets naked. H.G. Brown used the concept well and great stock characters but left us wanting more skin. It’s rare that the subplots served the play better than the initial one. This might be what made the dialogue hit-or-miss. Nonetheless, The Bare Truth was – in the end – a worthy night.

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