We’ll always have MARIO

Granny’s back in I’m SOOO High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue, April 6 @ 9:30 at Pangea, 172 Second Avenue, NYC. Join us for some more wild and woolly word-play from back-in-the-day. This time, it’s not sexy banter but smoky phrasing!  

With nicknames like Blue sage, Catnip, Dope, Grass, Jive, Jay, Gauge, Tea, Vibe, Mary-Jane, and Jazz Cabbage – not to mention the standard reefer, pot, and weed … expect a wild night at Pangea that you’ll never forget … then again, what’s that about short term memory?

Rev. Mary and Granny’s Blue-Mers have gone through TONS of vaudeville actors that joined her merry band since they began touring more than two years ago. Strippers, whistlers, clown acts, leagues of drummers and guest vocalists … but there, next to the good Rev. since the beginning has been actor/singer Mario Claudio!

He played back-up, featured, even a New Orleans Drag Queen! Mario began and continues to be a member of Mary’s M Center for Vocal Training  and a prominent and respected member of the indie theater community.


Tell us about yours as artist

I consider myself am observational artist,  I try to bring what I see from everyday life into my work. Either from TV talk shows to a walk in the park it’s all a learning experiance to make interesting characters I can bring to my work. I also am a generous artist when it comes to singing and acting,  I will give my all almost to the point of injury. But thankfully,  I’m learning how to control my largess (laughs).


You kind-of fell into cabaret… what happened?

I honestly felt it was a natural progression. From working solely on stage, I felt I needed to showcase my talents when I was between projects and cabaret filled that need perfectly. It helped me realize unique problem areas in my overall performances and only served to make me a stronger artist. 


How is it being one of Rev. Mary’s All-Man band? 

It’s a blast, plain and simple. I have not had a freeing yet structured acting experiance outside of being one of Rev. Mary’s guys (laughs). It’s part seduction, part sensual and part comedic improv. I live for it. 


What’s next for you.

Looking forward to our April 6th performance. I just finished a performance of a one act play called Young Sherlock Holmes: A Christmas Caper on March 15th and 16th as part of the Strawberry Festival. I go into the studio and will be part of a new musical cast recording and then from there …  

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