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Indie Theater is like prospecting. There’s GOLD when you least expect it.

Wednesday Repertory Company (WedRepCo) is a New York-based theatre company focused on delivering innovative and impactful performances to their audience. As part of their approach to live theatre, WedRepCo produces several showcases throughout the year. These showcases provide performance opportunities on a regular basis and provide positive exposure to its members by way of familiarizing the artist with other individuals in the arts community, in which they live, work and play.

bruce_logo_portrait.jpgFounded in 2010, WedRepCo maintains that theatre provides one of the greatest opportunities for interpersonal and communal dialogue and growth. They care about the process not just the production.


Founded by Bruce Ornstein – a prolific and prophetic figure in the arts – stage and screen – as an actor/director/producer/writer … and distinguished acting teacher. His Acting Workshop – now in its 20th year – is lit by the brilliance of over 1000 students.








WedRepCo. is also run by Dan Lane Williams – another Renaissance man as he is an actor, producer, and sought-after photographer.  Thus, WedRepCo. always have stunning press shots! 

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Breaking from tradition of festivals and seasons of short works, WedRepCo premiere’s “Carcass.”  A story about boys, blood, and a buffalo, “Carcass” is a full length play by Eddie Vernovsky.  “Carcass” was developed in concert with Wednesday Repertory Company (WedRepCo), led by Artistic Director Bruce Ornstein.  It represents the second full-length play produced and developed by WedRepCo, and a worthy successor to Abby Rosebrock’s “Different Animals” which premiered at the Cherry Lane.

Shetler Studios 244 W 54 St, New York City running Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10 @ 7:00 pm; Saturday, May 11 @ 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm; Sunday May 12 @ 5:00 pm; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, May 15, 16 & 17 @ 7:00 pm; Saturday May 18 @ 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm; Sunday, May 19 @ 5:00 pm.; $20.00 at or 212-726-2324.

While Bruce and Eddie were being interviewed for a podcast, we grabbed them for a few questions.

Tell us about you as an artist? 

BRUCE: Looking back on my time as an actor, writer, director, and teacher, I hope that when people think of me as an artist, some of those will look upon me kindly, some with disdain, some with out and out hatred, but all with the feeling that I had in some way helped them to do good work.  

You are known for your short plays. What was it about Carcass that made you want to do a full-length? 

I had been seeking a full length since we produced Abby Rosebrock’s “Different Animals”, at the Cherry Lane back in 2013.  I have always been attracted to quirky comedies, both as a writer and director.  When Eddie (who is generally real life quirky as well as brilliant)  began writing one acts for us, I suggested, just as I had with Abby, that we begin to think about combining some of these pieces, and transforming them into a larger canvass.  Two years or so later, here we are.

You have a very interesting journey from school to here – tell us about it.

3625350_origEddie Vernovsky: I spent my life, as far back as I remember, entrenched pretty firmly in math and science.  I think I operated under the assumption that practicality and objectively measurable successes were the things that should serve as my grounds for making decisions.  Right before I had to deal with the choice of more school or actually confronting the fact that I had been deep into worlds that I got better at pretending to want than that I actually wanted, a friend of mine called.  We talked, briefly, and without getting into specifically what he said, we pushed each other to make a move.  That move ended up being to New York. From there, like anyone else making that move, it seems I lived a whole bunch of lives.  I didn’t move here to act and write, but I did move here to give being creative a shot.  In what capacity I didn’t know, exactly, apart from knowing that I loved movies.  And I had no clue if this was something one realistically could pursue in the way one might pursue a goal that had a clear path outlined to it.  But I took that thought and ran with it.  A few months after I moved to the city, I met Bruce on the set of a film (I was assistant editing).  The whole thing was a radical experience, and somewhere during that sensory overload, he told me I need to try acting.  I did.  It took a while, but something seemed right eventually.  And then after some time it seemed undeniably the perfect thing to do. He asked me to write something too one day.  A monologue.  First creative thing I’d written in my adult life.  At that point, I learned that I could become obsessed with something even if it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do.  So I guess that takes me, with the liberty of leaving out some details, to here.

What’s next?

BRUCE: I want us to give “Carcass” the ride that it deserves, and help thrust Eddie and our cast squarely in the center of the NY Theatre Community.  Beyond that, and another series of original one acts, we are preparing a new full length, “Gut Punch”, a post Me Too tale, by Amanda Cannon, to go up in the fall.  “Gut Punch” was also developed out of a very successful short, one act run.

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