Evelyn Levakova dives head first into Dennis Bush’s HEAD FIRST at the Fresh Fruit Festival

Evelyn Levakova dives head first into Dennis Bush’s HEAD FIRST at the Fresh Fruit Festival

Head First is about a college student, Kyle, dealing with the aftereffects of a brain injury. Between his frequent seizures and his skyrocketing sex drive, Kyle feels like he is losing control of his life. He eventually finds solace in Kevin, a man he meets on the train. The two begin dating, but their relationship suffers as Kyle’s seizures grow worse.

Humorous and emotional, Head First is sure to make its audience laugh and tug at their heartstrings all at once. The play is set up in a way that anyone can understand Kyle’s plights, and the audience can’t help but sympathize with what he’s going through. Between the actors’ splendid performances and their clever references, it is satisfying to watch Kyle’s journey and resolution.


Cooper Koch and Austin Larkin made great use of their space. Despite using only three or so props, the scenes were easy to follow. Larkin, who played several different characters, was able to make each role distinct simply by changing his voice or his posture. Koch made good use of imagery when he was talking about his character’s injury; it was easy to visualize the scene. The actors did a good job at touching the audience with the emotions they conveyed. Of course, they also incorporated humor, like when the characters broke the fourth wall. Overall, Head First was excellently done.


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