Philosophizing with Topher Wallace

A featured event for the 10th anniversary THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY DREAM UP FESTIVAL 2019 is Abdication! Filled with gallows-humor, song, dance, and multi-media, the show is a triumvirate of short plays episode shows how abdication of a portion of human existence pulls a piece out of the house of cards that we call our lives.

Heady stuff, huh?

Performances will be at the Johnson Theater Space at 155 First Avenue (between 9th and 10th Streets), New York City on 09/03: Tuesday, 9pm; 09/04: Wednesday, 6:30pm; 09/05: Thursday, 9pm; 09/06: Friday, 6:30pm; and 09/07: Saturday, 8pm.

Don’t watch these in the dark! Oh, wait a minute … you have to… it’s a live theater event:

STUCK: a close-knit Italian-American family grapples with the idea that one of its family members plans to remove from society by hooking up full-time to a virtual reality network.

LOVE LOBOTOMY relates the story of two hapless souls deciding to undergo Amigdalar Resurfacing, (a “Love Lobotomy”) making them immune to romantic feelings and more productive… maybe.

And finally, COLOR SCHEME takes us to a society where everyone has been classified into a specific color-red, green, blue, etc., and the implementation of this system has ostensibly led to perfect harmony. Until someone mixes and matches.


Cast member, Topher Wallace, explains how his acting ability comes from … baking. 

“I am an artist through and through. No matter what medium. With a background of professional baking and pastry, I was able to create art using all five senses. I believe that theater can be the same. Also, with my design and style, playing with the inner turmoil of one’s life can elevate the art to a whole medium. With a type of background that I had growing up, I believe art can be one of the best therapies for healing.”

His creative process is certainly a  philosophical one.

There is a light within darkness, there is darkness within light. I believe no matter what story or artistic piece one is trying to convey. I believe to create a three-dimensional world and character you have to have both darkness and light and all the shades in between.

His characterizations are dark and light as well.

With my character set up, it is supposed to break the tension of the story but move it forward. From a light-hearted song and dance man to a cold-hearted government agent. The emotions are true and solid, I personally laugh in extremely serious situations. That is a character flaw, but many people understand it.

Somehow he compares the show’s fantasy element to Little Red Riding Hood, the Greco-Roman Empires … and special brownies!

Speaking of the Big Bad Wolf

When it comes to fiction, it does have a base of reality. The best example is in the fable of Little Red Riding Hood, coming from back in the Greek or Roman empire. Telling the story of striving off the path can ultimately lead to your demise, also talking to strangers can be dangerous. There are many morals one can learn. But I learned if you see a talking wolf… just run, or realizing the brownies you just ate that are for granny are not for children.

In the end, he stays toward the light.

What’s next? Not 100% certain. I have a few projects that I am currently working on including an app. But hopefully, the future is bright.



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