Soaring Led Blimpie

Written by: Matthew R. Bryman
Photos by: Julie Reyburn

Thinking I needed to have an easy Friday night because of a big show I’m working Saturday, I stepped out to Milo: The Meeting House. I heard they were having a Led Zeppelin tribute band and naturally assumed it would be one of Philly’s popular local bands. When I got there, I was surprised to hear that it was a  band from New York named Led Blimpie.

I was bummed until the lead guitarist (Thor Fields) started warming up.

And then, when the rest of the band met on stage for the 1st set. “WOW!” I was blown away from the very first note!  Quickly I pulled my device out without bumping into anyone. “Yes!”, I thought, “I have to stream this live & share for everyone.” Especially for my friend over at Circle D Productions.

A beautiful vocalist named Kathryn Francisco commanded the stage. I was memorized by her vocal range and stage presence: so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off her. As I listened to Kathryn sing Led Zeppelin lyrics, she reminded me of the soul-wrenched rock singer “The Rose,” that iconic character performed by a young Bette Midler in her prime.

Rounding out the band was Frank Picarazzi, a drummer with the licks of John Bonham and Nick West on bass guitar and keyboards. Astonishingly, West pulled off an impressive feat on the song In The Evening, from Zeppelin’s final album In Through the Out Door,  playing bass guitar with his left hand while simultaneously playing keyboard with his right. It sounded quite Studio. 

And last but not least. Thor was on point the whole evening. Playing  the double-neck electric guitar, a few different 6 string electrics and doing the violin bow like Jimmy Page has in the past. The band communicated well. I really loved the body language between the lead vocalist and lead guitarist. It was amazing and was quite exciting. I always love bands that communicate with music and  motion.  

Since the early 70s I’ve attended concerts, been around music and played with some major players. Now I’m on this side of the stage. And I’m adding another band to my must-see-again list. 

I saw Led Zeppelin in 1975 for the Physical Graffiti tour. I have always loved Led Zeppelin. Now I’m  a fan of Led Blimpie also. 

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