Masking the Truth

Review by Lew Antonie

It was bound to happen. The covid mask is now a star. Boris Schaarschmidt’s film, BLUNT, took two simple concepts that have become commonplace in the last few years and gave us a clever and highly amusing short film.

BLUNT is about a tinder date. But the trick is, it’s a tinder date during the covid era. We are regaled by a first date where all the two young women can do is looking each other’s eyes. Sounds romantic? Well it’s actually quite hilarious.

Through a clever trick utilizing their face masks… That’s all I will say… No spoilers here … we are greeted with an ode to the silent films plus an inspired commentary on today’s post-covid world. The two actresses – Marie Solimena & Camden May – should be commended … highly. With just the use of their eyes and the manipulation of voiceovers, we got a comedic, clever, insightful, and even pointed film shining a light on relationships and their dysfunction. Well-timed cutaways and TV sitcom music pepper this smile-inducing peice even further.

Extra praise to Solimena for subtle use of her physical presence and strategic blinks and stares allowing old-fashioned physical comedy to take on a new intellectual aire. One wants to see her act without a mask.

Boris Schaarschmidt has a bright future as a filmmaker If this is what he considers a brief interlude.

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