Hollie Harper: Confessions of a Comedy Nerd!

The Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest, founded by successful show producer and comedian Joanna Briley, is laser-focused on bringing awareness to the lack of diversity in the comedy industry. It amplifies the comedic voices of Black Women in the comedy community. The Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest 2021 was sponsored by Stand Up! Girls and Lois Thompson.

The Joke Sistas will be part of the return of the New York Comedy Festival, Wednesday, November 10 at 9:15 p.m. at New York Comedy Club, 241 East 24th St., NYC. Tickets: $25 (w/two drink minimum). Reservations: 212-696-5233/ newyorkcomedyclub.com

This year’s event features self-proclaimed “Comedy Nerd” Hollie Harper in one of the guest spots. OuterStage wanted to see what’s so funny.

Tell us about yourself as an artist. 

I’m a comedy nerd, standup, sketch and musical comedy. I love to write about being mom and the crazy life it brings

Why did you choose to be a stand-up comedian? 

Honestly my sister chose standup for me. I took a class to shut her up and here we are

What is “funny” to you? 

I love when things are a little left field. I like dark comedy. I love comedy that says what everyone is thinking but no one is saying

What are the biggest obstacles in being a comic? a female comic? an African-American female comic? 

There is no SAG Union for comics, lol. It’s a weird lonely road. People still never look at me and think I’m a comedian. But then what does comedian look like. Being a Black female comic is special to me because Black women in my opinion are the most naturally funny but we’ve been given the shortest end of the stick in comedy. In the world of white supremacy AND the world of patriarchal values. yet we all know Black women are funny

How does CancelCulture affect your act? 

It doesn’t. There is no such thing as Cancel Culture. 

What is the “message” of your material? 

I don’t have a message, I have a vibe. It’s a bougie auntie with the smart mouth vibe

How has CoVid affected what you do?

Covid actually made me reach out harder to people in the pandemic. My zoom shows were awesome and it helped get me my late night talk show on BRIC because a producer saw it. But Covid doesn’t play into my act because it doesn’t really make me laugh

Join in the funny … Wednesday, November 10 at 9:15 p.m. at New York Comedy Club, 241 East 24th St., NYC. Tickets: $25 (w/two drink minimum). Reservations: 212-696-5233/newyorkcomedyclub.com

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