Gilda Mercado went to the movies … and stayed.

While hailing from Mexico City, Gilda Mercado has traveled the globe creating stunning works. She admitted to being shy and somewhat of a loner, but that seems to be the piece that fuels many imaginations and is certainly did for her. From that early age, she turned to the movies and acting to express her emotions and to tell her stories. “I could watch films for hours on end, imagining myself inside them. I was mesmerized by the stories and the characters,” exclaims the emerging artist and filmmaker; “movies became a way for me to connect, to understand the world and travel everywhere even, worlds that didn’t exist.” And she did just that with her latest breakthrough film which she directed, wrote, produced, and of course, starred in. “Whenever I watched a film, suddenly everything made sense,” she said. Ella Y Yo takes us into a young woman’s psyche and the mental journey she’s on comparing herself to other women while images of her in many forms flash before us.

“My life was changed by two opportunities,” she shared; “I got the chance to perform at the Torre Latinoamericana, one of Mexico City’s most important landmarks in a play called “Boda en Cirilico.” I also got cast in a short-film called “Elevados”, where I co-starred and played opposite Ariel Award winning actors, Tenoch Huerta and Cassandra Ciangherotti. The Ariel Awards are Mexico’s equivalent to the Oscars. I couldn’t believe I was working and learning from these two extraordinary actors. It was such a privilege. You could say movies were my first love but the theater; the theater became my greatest love.”

While she is gaining great acclaim for her cinematic work, it was in the theater where she learned her craft. Gilda honed her love and power for storytelling and where she found collaborating with other artists most fulfilling: “[It is] where I learned to leave all my problems and my ego at the door. In the theater is where I found my voice, is where I found myself.

“For me, there are no limits to what you can express and how you can communicate,” she offered. Gilda uses the stage and the screen to challenge herself and tell engaging stories.

She shared her journey to Shakespeare with us: “As an actress and performer, it is important for me to do a wide range of projects and tell stories that have depth and impact. For the past few years, I have worked on a variety of projects, from Contemporary to devised theater, but I feel most passionate about classical text. In recent years, I’v become fascinated by classical theater because of Shakespeare’s work. Shakespeare’s plays are not only timeless, but they also portray human nature with great depth and truth. I’ve been a part of several productions including “The Witch Of Edmonton” (directed by Marc Silberschatz) and “Alls Well As it Ends Well” (a virtual online showcase produced by the Blind Cupid Shakespeare Company). One of the most exciting experiences of my professional career occurred a few years ago as I participated in two productions at Shakespeare’s Globe: “Tis Pity She’s A Whore” and “As You Like It” where I played the infamous role of Touchstone.

It was a life changing moment. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to perform the lead role of Adriana in “The Comedy Of Errors” with the Blind Cupid Shakespeare Company at the Sour Grapes Productions festival and The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.”

Ella Y Yo is a major pitstop on her journey combining her gift of storytelling with her immense talent and is available at

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