Fluid Fury

Three Pick-up Artists Review

Written and Directed by Lancen GM
Starring: Mikhael Sanchez, Celina Biurrun and Rosa Perez

Lancen GM is an award-winning Hollywood filmmaker, artist and entrepreneur.  He has his own film company and his own record company.  While he enjoys creating his own projects, he will take on projects of other creatives.  One very notable and high-profile client was Honda for which he produced a DreamWing motorcycle commercial.

In Three Pick-up Artists we see a same-sex female couple fighting.  They each accuse each other of cheating with a man.  It turns out that unbeknownst to anybody, it’s the same man.  In the end, the thorny love triangle gets resolved in an unexpected way.

This 10-minute film contains of LGBTQIA themes and infidelity themes.  The filmmaker created a piece about relationships with a sharp edge making it not what it seemed at first.  The locations and the sets were stunning.  The accompanying soundtrack blended well with the action.  From Honda to female assassins to love triangles, Gm.L certainly likes to keep it interesting and there is much more to come from that innovative filmmaker.

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