A Minutes with Mills

Greg Mills Interview by Jen Bush

Greg Mills (he/him) is in Fresh Fruit Festival’s You’re a Weirdo, Annie Best”.  His envisions his art as something like a yummy chocolate bar shared among friends. “I love sharing and celebrating the gooey center of human truths.” His delicious performance can be seen in this year’s Fresh Fruit Festival.

Erin Shea Brady’s clever comedy exploring the life of a queer, polyamorous writer in Chicago peppered with a whiff of Nora Ephron will premiere as part of the Fresh Fruit “Return to Live Theatre” Festival.

“You’re a Weirdo, Annie Best” by Erin Shea Brady, produced by Juliet Roll in association with the Fresh Fruit Festival. Covid Compliance overseen by Leah Ableson 

THREE SHOWINGS: Friday 5/6 at 6:30 pm; Sunday 5/8 at 5:30 pm; Monday 5/9 at 8:15 pm 

Annie Best is a writer living in Chicago. She is queer, polyamorous, recently estranged from her family and at a creative standstill. When one of Annie’s partners convinces her to dive into the world of Nora Ephron’s great romantic comedies, Annie begins to see her life through the Ephron lens. Annie imagines scenes and conversations, paying homage to When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and Julie & Julia, among others, as she sits with the beauty and discomfort of the life she has chosen. Along the way, as seasons pass, romantic relationships develop and change with faith and family coming into question. At the end of the play, Annie reconnects with her father, finally finding the courage to stand on her own.

I had a wonderful chat with Greg Mills to get to know more about his career and his involvement with this project.

What drew you to this project? I know and love the author and their storytelling.  

What is your creative process? Ask lots of questions, get feedback, but also trust my instincts. 

Do you find a sense of added responsibility when dealing with plays that tackle serious, mature, or timely subject matter? I try to be as responsible as I can with any script.

What’s so good about off, off Broadway/indie theater? The raw, unjaded excitement.  

What do you feel is different now than before pandemic? Another thought: what should be different now than before pandemic? I would hope there’s a renewed appreciation for live performance.

What’s next for you? Don’t know. But I hope it’s fun and inspiring!  

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