Interview by Jen Bush

Robert Pivec is a cast member of a compelling new production called A Symphony for Portland.  He has many film, theater and television credits to his name.  You know that adage about having something to fall back upon?  Well Mr. Pivec can do your tax return by day and perform Pinter at night.  He’s a certified CPA.  He feels that having a good time while pursuing artistic endeavors is ideal.   “As an artist, having fun is most important.”

Mr. Pivec’s creative process varies depending on the production.  “If I have a creative process, it is different with each experience.  Even my ego has a difficult time answering this inquiry.”

The subject matters of homelessness, love and survival are prevalent in A Symphony for Portland.  It was those themes that drew Mr. Pivec to the production.

The performing arts industry suffered tremendously during the pandemic.  Artist’s lives and livelihoods were on hold.  Mr. Pivec is not alone in his gratitude for being able to take to the stage once again.  “I am thankful for the opportunity to perform again.”

There are many ideas about what theatre should look like post-covid.  Mr. Pivec has some sound thoughts on that topic.  “It should create more opportunity for artists.  Artists will continue to create.”

After A Symphony for Portland is over, Mr. Pivec will be doing his due diligence to ensure future roles.  “What’s next for me will be auditions, reading and classes.”

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