Warwick has its own Arts Center

Newly established non-profit The Warwick Institute of Culture (warwickinstituteofculture.com) operates out of Warwick, NY in the former Kutz Camp facilities.

The company is founded by artist, educator, and entrepreneur Emilee Dupré.

Dupré is a Broadway and film actress, director, producer, choreographer, teacher, coach,
wellness practitioner, REALTOR® at Keller Williams First in New York, INVITAS Leader, and she is a new mom! Emilee holds a BFA in Theater from New York University’s Tisch School and is always furthering her education. Seven years ago, Emilee Dupré and her husband, Broadway’s David Larsen, planted their roots locally, and are now raising their beautiful family here. Emilee’s diverse background, strong leadership capabilities, community of incredible mentors, and commitment to sustainable excellence lay an incredible foundation from which The Warwick Institute of Culture will grow!

Founder and Artistic Director Emilee Dupré is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur dedicated
to creating work that cultivates a sense of belonging, sparks curiosity, and evokes a sense of
The Warwick Institute of Culture magic. Her multi-faceted skillset, experience, vast network and clear vision make her a dynamic leader in arts and culture. “The Wick’s” Advisory Team is comprised of leaders from many different fields who understand how access to and coordination of strong Arts and Culture programing can positively influence a community.
Dupré admires working with people who understand the value of saying “yes, and…” before
ruling something out completely. With that mindset, obstacles transform into opportunities,
and creativity can really flourish. In removing as much friction as possible in the creative
process for professionals, hobbyists, students, and audience members alike, opportunity opens
up for fulfilling experiences all around.

“The Wick” serves as an incubator for artistic development of established and emerging talent, offers immersive experiences of performance, art, education, recreation, service and wellness enjoyed in a beautiful rural environment. Devoted to nurturing lifelong learning for all ages, The Warwick Institute of Culture is a broadly inclusive organization dedicated to a prestigious quality of artistry and training, providing the people of Warwick and its visitors with access to unique artistic, cultural, educational, wellness opportunities, while utilizing local talent, collaborating with local organizations, promoting local businesses, enriching the local community year round.

In collaboration with The Town of Warwick, ”The Wick” produces and presents live performances, film programs, camps, educational experiences, events, workshops, outreach,
co-working artistic space, rental venues, collaborations with local schools & businesses,
facilitates community conversations, and holds space for service organizations. The Warwick
Institute of Culture operates primarily out of two theaters: the indoor blackbox flex space can
hold up to 200 seats, an outdoor theater, a building of studio spaces (including a recording
studio) and will be offering some programming online.

The non-profit’s Theatre & Film Departments have selected living playwrights & screenwriters,
T.J. Brady, Doug Devita, Sarah Rose Kearns to develop their work. In Spring of 2023, “The
Wick” will produce its debut season of theatrical productions, concerts, film workshops, and
kids programming, which will be announced very soon. “The Wick” and The Holy Theater
recently co-produced a workshop of Sarah Rose Kearns’ theatrical adaptation of Jane Austen’s

Upcoming on October 9th, “The Wick” will host an open house to the community,
where 2 time O’Neill Semi-Finalist playwright Doug Devita will be lecturing about his latest
play Fable – A Fable About A Musical Fable, which will be fully produced by “The Wick” in
Spring 2023. Actors, Carole Monferdini & Mary Elizabeth Micari, and director, Jay Michaels, will travel from NYC to be part of the event where the play will be excerpted.

“The Wick” is currently accepting new play & screenplay submissions, please
send to: emilee@warwickinstituteofculture.com.

“The Wick” wants to hear from YOU! Now accepting inquiries and suggestions.
P.O. BOX 805, WARWICK, NY 10990

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