Noy Marom appears with the Virago Ensemble in YERMA at The Vino Theater

Virago Ensemble Presents YERMA at The Vino Theater

“Yerma” is an acclaimed Spanish play by Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. The play tells the story of a childless woman living in rural Spain. She is trapped between her sense of duty and honor to her circumstances and her desire to live a full, passionate and meaningful life and to have a child. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrific crime.

While we experience her reality, we witness her interactions with the outside world- her relationship with her stern husband Juan, who seems to be blocked and distant when it comes to her (and his) wants and needs, her loving ex-partner Victor, who still owns her heart and soul but could never truly embrace her and her kind best friend Maria, a young pregnant woman adjusting to her new reality as a future young mother. The two envy each other’s freedom within their circumstances and help each other through their daily struggles and challenges. These relationships are shaped and affected by a variety of other wonderfully complex character that moves the story along and dare us to challenge our perceptions regarding gender roles, time and progress.

This compelling story is brought to life in this unique production of a stage reading that includes music and movement, performed by an international cast.

Producer, performer, and co-founder, Noy Marom plays the pivotal role of Maria. Noy Marom is an Israeli actress, active in Israel and NYC. She was born and raised in Israel and moved to New York in 2014 to pursue acting. Noy is a graduate of The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, class of 2017. Ms. Marom is an advocate for female voices in the performing arts via her all-female theatre company, Virago, an International all-female theater company, striving to empower women’s voices by sharing old and new works created by female-identifying writers). This week, Yerma will premiere.  Under Ms. Marom’s leadership many other projects are in develoipment through Virago.

This compelling story is brought to life in this unique production of a stage reading that includes music and movement, performed by an international cast.

 The play is beautifully written and portrayed as it  paints this gloomy reality with sensitivity and empathy and brings it all to life with a mix of beautiful and complex characters, breath- taking musical pieces as it  presents many compelling and raw moments of theater.”

“We’ve decided that while we are highly committed to our initial task, we can still support and create work across these borders, if it’s a story worth telling and especially if it’s a story that discusses a compelling and powerful message regarding women’s journeys, challenges and victories. “

Yerma,,is a story as such. A story that discusses what it means to be a woman, who challenges the norms in a complex and primitive society. Written in 1934 and first performed that same year, yet still painfully relevant to our times, regardless of how far we’ve come. García Lorca describes the play as “a tragic poem” and we agree.

The performance will take place on October 8t at The Vino Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

This is a workshop production and tickets are currently reserved and limited. Future dates and updated ticket info will be updated and posted soon.

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