Kevin Rios on the New York Stage Part II: Coming to a New World in a New World

Article by Jen Bush

Rios and Company in Anna in the Tropics

Being an international and multi-cultural artist comes with its own unique set of obstacles and challenges sometimes.  Mr. Rios has persevered through these challenges and has achieved success being in America.  “The language has been the first challenge since I had to work doubly hard in all my scenes and my text study to know the meaning and the appropriate pronunciation of all the words I say in my scenes.  The cultural differences have also been something new for me since I’m used to certain kind of human interactions which here has been different but at the end of the day we are all humans and I believe we are the same and we are united by universal laws that keep us together . Being away from my family and friends for long periods of my time has been the difficult part for me.

Having begun as a theatre actor but having had experience on film, Mr. Rios has an artistic appreciation for working in both mediums.  “I grew up as an actor in theatre and all I know so far is thanks to theatre and the amazing teachers I had during my journey, I love them both.  On the stage I enjoy every moment and I grow with the energy of the audiences and my performance becomes ephemeral but when I do films my work is more introspective and the performances stay for an eternity….”

The pandemic significantly impacted the arts in a negative way.  Mr. Rios feels that there is now a deeper appreciation for the arts since the world had to deal with its absence.  “I think the pandemic was a big change and challenge for the artists but I think that made the arts world stronger.  It was a moment that reminded the human race of the importance of the arts in the world and how healing and necessary they are for our human development.  Also, I think that those difficult times made the artists stay closer and strong with each other.”

 In between upcoming film and stage work this tender hearted artist will wisely continue to learn and grow as a performer and a writer.  “I’ll be portraying the Tartuffe in Moliere’s comedic play, I’ll be starring a feature film with King Lahiri productions. The film is untitled now And I have 2 indie films coming up where I will star soon but can’t share more details.  I’ll keep working on my craft learning new methodology and writing my own stories.”

In rehearsal for Measure for Measure

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