Chansons de Stéfanie! Deuxième partie


Ms. Rummel draws inspiration from the very elements that make up her acts as well as some of the greatest singers in the world. “Chansons are songs which tell stories. They have inspired me for a long time. No matter which music style they are written in – whether it is pop music, musical theatre or cabaret.
German, French and American music theatre has influenced me, because I have lived in France, Germany and the US. I feel connected to those cultures since my childhood. The expressiveness of the German chanson from Kurt Weill, Georg Kreisler and Friedrich Hollaender are part of my repertoire.”

“There is a certain “musical way”of the French chanson, which passionately tells stories about life and touches the heart. The soothing feelings they evoke are truly beyond words. And singers like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Lara Fabian, and Jacques Brel have all influenced my singing.”

“I also got inspired by singers like Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli, Shirley Bassey.
Barbara Streisand probably rises to the top of that list. She inspired me to go off, find my own voice, and create my own artistic projects.”

Chansons came to be simply by being with the right people at the right time who recognized Ms. Rummel’s artistic worth .  “A committee of a theatre inspired me to create Chansons. They heard me singing one night French songs and asked me if I’d be willing to do a full show of chansons. My heart jumped and I said, “Quelle question! Oui Bien sur!”  It felt like the most natural thing in the world. I had met so many hundreds of fantastic French people and built up long-lasting friendships. I got to know and love the French culture with its exquisite food, connection to art and its music, haute de couture and joie de vivre. I created Chansons out of that joie de vivre. And I’ve found when audiences in any country see the show, they often find the stories mirror their own in some way.” 

Ms. Rummel finds traveling for work exhilarating.  As she journeys around the world with her show, each trip serves to enrich and expand the contents of her performances.  “It is so exciting to travel around the world with Chansons. My show is about travelling, crossing the borders, being somewhere else, seeing other perspectives all of which are so enriching.  There are many options next year for me to travel again.”

“Each time I do, I collect more impressions and reflect them in my shows, which in turn, get reflected in the minds of my audiences.  Experiences which I collect while travelling also nurture my art and my projects. Wherever I go, I meet such wonderful people and we connect by sharing special universal moments.”

Between different kinds of venues and cultures, Ms. Rummel customizes her show for each country to bring the best experience to her international audiences and to ensure a personal connection.  “I adapt my show language wise depending on which country I perform in. I speak either English, French or German. My aim is transfer a universal message through my stories and songs.”

     “When I perform in a cabaret style venue there is more interpersonal atmosphere with the audience. In bigger venues there is a different kind of energy which I spread. Depending on the venue, the country and the reason of the booking, I adapt my show to make it more personal.” 

  • I have sung for example French songs in Icelandic. 
  • To reach out to an even more international audience, I have a song where I sing in 16 different languages and people from all over the world know that song in their mother tongue. 
  • For an international conference I adapted some of my stories to the topic of the event. 

“All this created a very special connection to the audience.”

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