Dave Hummel likes a Challenge

Dave Hummel Interview by Jen Bush

Dave Hummel is an experienced professional who welcomes a challenging role.  He certainly found it when he was cast in Resurrection opening on February 8th at The American Theatre of Actors.  We had a chance to chat with him about the play, his role and other interesting insights.

Acting has been a long-time passion for Mr. Hummel.  “Basically, I have been doing this most of my life. I like challenging roles that can stretch my abilities as an Actor.”

Many actors find that creating a backstory for their character is a useful tool.  Mr. Hummel couples that with good solid research.  “I try to do some research on the type of character I’m portraying. If it’s a historical piece, I will read up on the times and work with that to build on. I will create a backstory to flesh out my character which helps me with my motivation.”

 This play is based on a horrible historical tragedy.  Mr. Hummel is hoping that the audiences will be moved enough to take action and enact positive changes in society.  “They should do some research to read about the horrible atrocities committed on the hundreds of innocent lives who were affected and begin civil discussions to see how we can change history going forward.”

The events that took place in Resurrection were basically hidden from history.  Mr. Hummel was quite surprised to learn about a dark and tragic piece of the past.  “This show was an eye opener for me. It was an event that like most of us, I was unaware of until recent years. The fact that it was covered up for literally a Century is a crime in itself.”

 Since these events took place before the cast was born, the actors had to rely on history in order to cultivate their characters.  “I had to do some research on “Passing”, since that was what my character was considered. I had to read up on what it was like to be “Passing” over a Century ago and how people like that represented themselves, whether as Black, or trying to pass themselves off as White in order to not go through the horrible things that people who are Black had to deal with daily.”

Representing events in American history definitely comes with an extra sense of responsibility, especially in the case of this play where the content is emotionally charged.  “I feel a huge responsibility to keep the conversation going and to do whatever I can in a positive way. History is hard to deal with regarding these times. I feel I represented my character in a way that shows he wanted to be seen as White in order to save himself from the prejudices around him.”

In terms of what’s next for Mr. Hummel, he would like to see this show prevail.  “Hopefully, continue with this show and spread the message.”

You can witness the talents of Mr. Hummel and hear the message of Resurrection at The American Theatre of Actors from February 8-12.

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