Hari Bhaskar: Coming to America

It was a combination of encouraging parents and an impetus to experience America that brought Mr. Bhaskar to the U.S.  “My parents wanted me to study abroad after my undergrad, but they never specified in what! Using that as a loophole, I applied for acting school, but specifically United States because I had never come here before I moved.”

India is known for Bollywood and certainly has its share of artistic resources.  Mr. Bhaskar recognized that there would be a wider range of opportunities for him in the arts in the U.S.  “In the United States, there’s a lot more variety, as a result of which there are more opportunities available, unlike in India, where there are not as many facilities, such as studio spaces for photoshoots and short films, and black box spaces for small-scale theatre.”

Mr. Bhaskar’s skills and experiences seem to gravitate toward the stage.  “My forte, surprisingly, is theatre, as that is where I’ve done more work since school, and I use the word ‘surprisingly’ because I always wanted to be a screen actor.”

Mr. Bhaskar found his opportunities in this artistic land of opportunity and has plenty of thrilling projects to occupy his time.  “Right now I’m working on three plays, a staged reading and a couple of short films.”

Mr. Bhaskar has a wise game plan for his continued artistic success.  “Ideally I want to be able to join both Equity as well as SAG-AFTRA soon so that I can get better pay as well as better opportunities.” 

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