The Five Year Plan – An Ongoing Series

A rant by Bob Greene

Why do so many people change direction in life? Is it because things are too tough out there? Maybe the world changes quicker and more drastic than planned? Or maybe it’s just that we don’t know what we want!

Ali Kennedy Scott is impressive. Writer and star of an acclaimed one-person play,  The Day the Sky Turned Black, chronicling “Black Saturday,” Australia’s greatest natural disaster, she – for one of such tender years – seems to have a grip on her career. Not only does she have very reasonable goals, but she understands the way of the world and her responsibility to it.

4624591270_817x1158“Over the next five years I see myself creating, collaborating & performing. 
Creating purposeful work that helps heal, educate & entertain. Art that has a positive impact. I strongly believe in the power of art & theater to change the world. It did so with Tectonic’s ‘Laramie Project’, it’s doing so with Hamilton. When a piece of art transcends the boundaries of its space and impacts communities who haven’t physically seen the work, it implicitly changes the fabric of society and the way we think. And that’s the work I am striving for! It was the greatest privilege to hear from audience members of my solo show, The Day The Sky Turned Black, that seeing the play was healing. If I can keep doing work that is of benefit, I’ll be thrilled! Practically speaking, I’m currently writing my next solo show, it’s about women in leadership and I absolutely want to continue investigating this type of documentary style theater. In 5 years I I’d love to still be performing solo work regularly in the Off-Broadway context and touring to international festivals. 
Collaborating with ridiculously talented individuals to build art that delights and is magical. Creating sold out seasons of shows that people remember for years, that reinvent the medium, that push the boundaries of theater. Over the next few months, I’m looking forward to performing at La Mama in ‘Calderon’s Two Dreams’, and to collaborating with Marshall Experimental Theater Company on ‘Let Them Eat Cake: An American Love Story’, both plays will bring something new to audiences and that is tremendously exciting to me. Over the next five years, I hope to continue this kind of work.
Performing at top off-Broadway theaters and on screen. I’ve recently shot a couple of short films with amazing cast & crew and love the medium. I particularly love improvisation as a means of building film & episodic programs. A recent short film I shot incorporated a large section of 7 character improvisation – it was hilarious and very effective! As I look toward the next five-years I’d love to work as a series regular on a witty, ensemble comedy series in the vein of Veep, or a dramaedy like Orange Is The New Black. 
In short, making people think, laugh, inspiring hope, investigating complicated questions, creating great art, entertainment and a little magic – that’s my hope for the next five years.”
When Madonna was asked a similar question in the 1980s, her answer was to rule the world. Enlightened souls like Ali don’t ask to rule but to make a difference.

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