The Five Year Plan – An Ongoing Series.

A rant by Bob Greene

Why do so many people change direction in life? Is it because things are too tough out there? Maybe the world changes quicker and more drastic than planned? Or maybe it’s just that we don’t know what we want!

The new production of Death of a Salesman features a bunch of young people taking their first steps into the professional theater. NOW’S the time to ask them… what’s next:

Anna Paone
LR9A7416 (1)I’m from Metuchen, NJ and went to school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, although I studied film with a sub-concentration in screenwriting, not acting. However, I’ve also trained at George Street Playhouse and Atlantic Acting School.

In five years, I would like to be working in professional acting consistently in New York and in major regional theaters, and hopefully playing some dream roles. I’d also love to gain more film and television credits. I am currently writing a feature screenplay (a meta ’80s action-romance) and would like to play the lead if it is ever produced. I’m from New Jersey, so I grew up close to the city, but I love the excitement of Manhattan and would like to stay here for as long as possible. I also want to direct some dream theater projects, particularly larger shows for which I don’t have the resources right now. I am the artistic associate of a community theater company in New Jersey and would like to see that grow. Finally, I want to continue to grow personally and hopefully start a family of my own in the next five years.


Alli Green

AlliGreen2My hometown is Clifton, NJ and I just finished my studies at William Esper Studios.
Over the next five years I’ll have graduated college and will be working in the real world! I’ll also be working on writing and producing my own work. I hope to have landed some roles here and there in film and television. My soon-to-be podcast will be alive and well! Finally, I hope to be co-starring as Amy Poehler’s adult-child niece in a summer comedy blockbuster!


Elle Kenwood


Within five years I plan to be practicing everything I can from my training at the Pace School of Performing Arts in a successful career in film and/or TV. I hope to keep a home-base in New York City and earn representation with a prestigious bicoastal agent since my original home is still in Los Angeles. I will be open to traveling to where ever my work takes me to collaborate with passionate, creative,

individuals. I sincerely hope to be working with all of the extremely multi-talented teachers, and actors in my FTVC program. I will also be working hard, staying enthusiastic, and appreciating all things that come with this amazing business of entertainment!


Alexander Gheesling



In five years time I would like to see myself making strides on both practical and artistic goals: I would like to be working full-time as an actor, or at least part-time with some financial benefit. Representation would be key as well. But more importantly, I would like to be in a place where I can work on challenging character roles. Specifically I find myself very attracted to the new dynamic of “cinematic television,” and I think that playing a character on an innovative television show would be an artistic dream realized.






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