A fine meal from a Fistful of Cake

Review by Wrda Hussain

showimage15852Larry Phillips’ production of Fistful of Cake, Pocketful of Miracles captured the essence of the lifestyle of a gay male divorcee, Nathan (Chad M. Ryan), as he ventures into the modern gay dating world with the help of his colleague Evan (Derek Long).

This production delivers a great deal of comedic laughs presenting both subtle and racy jokes at every curve. It’s able to entice its audience by displaying a structured storyline that follows itself throughout the play with the help of its really talented actors. Chad M. Ryan plays a quirky gay man while Derek Long showcases a stereotypical representation, helping bring-about the play’s comedic aspect. The chemistry between the two actors was obvious from the onset, creating a powerful – and most enjoyable – energy all along.

The Wild Project fully supported the production and the staff was very welcoming. Austere production values seemed an approvable choice with costuming being simple, realistic, and effective. A Fistful of Cake was a sweet night in the theatre.

Fistful of Cake is part of the Fresh Fruit Festival, running through July 23.



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