The election lights on “Diplomats”

Review by Ashley Khan


The Diplomats plays for the realism we experience … today.

Two days before election night, three friends gather for a reunion; A reunion hypothesized to be joyous. At first, best friends, Annie and Carlos, having a deep conversation, when out of the blue, arrives Gary, who was once the friend of both – now disliked by Annie – comes to join. Gary’s presence turn jocularity into tension and substantively … battle.

Battle over two people NOT at the reunion … the candidates for the presidency. Friendships, yes, like politics, make strange bedfellows.

Ricki Lynee who plays Annie with great passion, evoking fierceness from her bag of suasion. Carlos Ángulo – as Carlos – offered up great energy. His interpretation of a gay man today was powerful and authentic. Chris Callahan as the interloping Gary caught particular attention. His characterization was outstanding, provoking laughter from movement alone and peppering that with superb delivery.

The ensemble was top-notch and did just to nelson Diaz-Marcano’s clever and memorable. The prose offered moments that could be classified as magnificent.

Diplomats is part of the Fresh Fruit Festival, running through July 23.


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