Capable Custody

Rachel Rocano reviews “Custody”

Based on the title of this show “Custody,” one might think it was going to be a rom-com about kids. Nope.

Patrick Thomas McCarthy hands us a riveting dramedy about Shannon Bryant and her ex-boyfriend-now-out-of-the-closet, Brendan Barry separating. This farce for eh 21st Century followed Shannon and her feeling about Brandon moving in with Ted Behr in Phoenix and while she found happiness in her marriage to Peter, Brendan seemed to … want more.

Entertaining, witty, at times deep and dark, Sam Durant Hunter pleased the most as the humorous but conflicted Brendan; with Drew Bolander bringing up the rear as Ted. Anne Pasquale and Keith Herron began awkwardly as Shannon and Peter but built well as the play went on. Kudos to Playwright McCarthy for writing compelling prose making the unlikely connection of Brendan and Shannon totally believable.

With wit and charm, Custody, hands us the necessity of love and the futility of trying to figure it out.  Custody is outstanding and recommendable. Irony makes you smile.



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